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HGM Gear by Jam Donaldson Designs


  • "Irregardless" Its Wrong - Women's T-Shirt

  • "Irregardless" Its Wrong - Men's T-Shirt

  • "Conversate" Is Not A Word - Women's T-Shirt

  • "Conversate" Is Not A Word - Men's T-Shirt

  • No Questions "Axed" - Women's T-Shirt

  • No Questions "Axed" - Men's T-Shirt

  • "I, Myself" Isn't Necessary - Women's T-Shirt

  • It Isn't "Ironical" - Women's T-Shirt

  • We Got To Do Better
    Men's T-Shirt

  • We Got To Do Better
    Women's T-Shirt

  • Wristband


The basis of shame is not some personal mistake of ours, but that this humiliation is seen by everyone.— Milan Kundera
Conversate Is Not a Word
  • www.conversateisnotaword.com