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Hot Ghetto Mess Pictures and Video

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Not Really A HGMBorderlineA True Hot Ghetto Mess (10 votes, average: 2.80 out of 5)

10 Votes | 18 Comments

Hey HGM fam,  I just wanted to express to everyone how thankful and appreciative I  am for your support of the site.  I know visiting the site has otten to be a tedious process because of the extremely slow loading time for the pics.  I just want everyone to know that I am switching servers and doing other technical mumbo jumbo to resolve this problem and the site will be back up to speed very soon.  I know how slow it is and what a pain in the ass it is to use right now but I assure you, I know and I am working on the issue.  Soon the site itself wont be a hot ghetto mess.  And, again, I appreciate your support.


Hip Hop is supposed to uplift and create, to educate people on a larger level and to make a change. – Doug E. Fresh

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