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Frequently Asked Questions

I get a lot of emails about the same thing so i might be helpful if I posted answers to some of the most frequently asked questions

1. I am an African-American female.  Not an African or white supremacist as many of you have alleged.

2. I know the correct grammatical structure is  “we’ve got to do better,” I just thought “we got” had more punch.

3. Yes the kid with the afro on the Note From the Editor page is me.

4. I don’t have a mailing list and don’t send out pictures or video clips

5. Fellas: No, you can’t have any of the ladies contact info.

6. For those who think I should have created a site that featured only positive images I kindly point you to the Oprah show, Black Enterprise or Essence magazine. 

7. I am not able to tell you who submitted your picture.

8. If you threaten to take me on a court show because your picture appeared on the site, please make it one of the black judges, preferably Judge Joe Brown or Judge Mathis.

9. I know that a lot of this behavior is the product of bigger societal race and class issues—ok, knowing that, now what?  Should we rely on that reasoning for the next 400 years?

10. No, I am not making money on the site.  This is not by design, it has just turned out that way.  I would like to but it aint happening quite yet.  But many people think I’m making so much money.   LMBAO!

11. Please, no doctored photos, especially poorly done.

12. Only Mess Of the Month winners get t-shirts.

13. Yes, I know I need to update the site more often–damn, I swear, y’all act like y’all are paying for this site or something.

14. Please don’t send pictures of people only because they are unattractive or your ex-boy/girl friend.

15. Some of you ask, “Well, what are you doing to help the problem?”  Well, I turned down a lucrative law firm job to become a public interest lawyer helping the poor in Washington, D.C. So, you can kiss my black ass.

Either the United States will destroy ignorance, or ignorance will destroy the United States. — W.E.B. DuBois
Conversate Is Not a Word